can you counterfeit casino vouchers

Can you counterfeit casino vouchers?

History and current events show instances where criminals counterfeit casino vouchers in the hopes of deceiving casinos and ultimately getting away with false wins.

The latest example, a man from Hamburg who is on trial for trying to cash in fake casino chips at the Konstanz Casino in southern Germany. As we’ve seen in past incidents, he also had in his possession spurious gambling vouchers.

Criminal gangs are trying to copy casino chips and vouchers of several casinos in Europe. The gang members have collected vast amounts of cash, even though they lost many games playing roulette with fake casino money.

Most players at the Konstanz Casino recognized that these were not real casino voucher chips because, on close inspection, they were not identical to real casino chips.

A few gang members were arrested last year at a casino in Barcelona, and on closer investigation, police found that these voucher chips were also counterfeit.

Comparing the fake voucher chip from Barcelona to the vouchers confiscated at Konstanz leads investigators to believe they came from the same counterfeiting gang.

According to German newspapers, the casino voucher counterfeiting gang is probably Eastern Europeans and Russians.

About ten members of the counterfeiting gang were arrested in Barcelona. However, one suspect got away and remains at large. As far as we know, this person has not yet been caught by Spanish or German police.

The gang is suspected of committing crimes at gambling casinos all over Germany and Europe.

Police sources say that the counterfeiting gang has been active for several years and has produced several hundred counterfeit casino vouchers.

They explain that it’s difficult to estimate how many people have cashed in the fake vouchers but that it indeed runs into several thousand euros.

According to a spokesman for the German state police, it’s not known how these counterfeit vouchers have been distributed. He doesn’t rule out that gang members have been handing them out at various locations, such as major train stations.

Police believe that some people may have innocently bought counterfeits thinking they had won money, only to find invalid vouchers.

If you have cashed in a casino voucher and it turns out to be counterfeit, then you can contact the police. In addition, it’s wise to go to the nearest police station as soon as possible, because if your voucher is not valid, then this might become suspicious from a legal point of view. But, if you are carrying massive amounts of cash, you might be suspected of being involved in some shady business.