how much does crown casino make a day

How Much Does Crown Casino Make A Day?

The biggest casino in the world is Crown Casino, located in Melbourne, Australia.

As of May 2010, Crown Casino now has an annual gaming revenue of around $1.3 billion per year. This would make Crown Casino about three times as large as its nearest rival, The Venetian, The Palazzo, and Sands Expo in Las Vegas.

Crown Casino is the main reason Australia has more gambling machines per capita than any other country, even though it’s only 5% of the population compared to 1 billion people living in China. According to University Of Sydney Professor Dr. Charles Livingstone, “Australia has one machine for every ten people, but the ratio in many parts of Asia is 1:100.” (Casinomeister)

Crown Casino reported gross gaming revenue of over 1.2 billion dollars in 2010, and David Schwarz estimated that Crown Casino takes in around 400 million dollars per year from poker machines alone (Casinomeister).

This works out to about 6 million dollars a day, and the massive cash flow from this casino has an enormous effect on Australia’s economy.

So what if someone lost 1% of Crown Casino’s daily gambling revenue? This would be around 600,000 dollars per day!

But how much is gambled in one day at Crown Casino?

According to the Victorian Commission For Gambling Regulation, “Crown’s business is divided between gaming machine revenue ($784 million) and casino table games revenue ($424 million).” (Casinomeister) This means that someone loses around 1 billion dollars a month at Crown!

I think you can assume that this number rises exponentially during busy holiday periods, like New Year’s Eve.

There are thousands of people who sit at these poker machines for hours on end, feeding them $20 notes right into the money-vacuuming jaws of Crown Casino.

I decided to ask a staff member how many poker machines there were at Crown Casino. A lovely man told me that there were over 1,500 poker machines to choose from.

According to ABC News online, “Crown Casino has 4200 poker machines” (Casinomeister) which would make Crown’s poker machine revenue about 6 million dollars a day!

This means that for every 1% of Crown Casino’s daily revenue bet, someone loses about $60,000.