how to win casino vault

How To Win The Casino Vault

The next time you visit a casino, I recommend avoiding the high roller rooms and playing on the nickel slot machines at the entrance. You will get to see many people winning big jackpots on video slots.

It will give you the impression that video slots are about having fun and getting lucky. However, just beyond the nickel area, there is another casino floor where people play with 1 dollar chips. I recommend that you pay this place a visit because it’s called “The Casino Vault”.

This room only has slot machines and nothing else so you’ll find all kinds of slot machines in there. There is a great variety in the kinds of video slots and you can find anything from old school fruit-themed machines to new age animated trolls and orcs.

The one thing that all these slot machines have in common though is that they are being played by people who have been losing all night long on them. They play for 10 minutes, lose it all and leave in disgust. They come back next day to put in another try but the long sad story repeats itself again.

The players who play for 1 dollar at The Casino Vault are wise people who understand that playing slots are not about luck or getting lucky. It’s all about understanding how to maximize your chances of winning.

The 1 dollar players at The Casino Vault are mostly retired senior citizens who know how to play correctly and they have all the time in the world to do it. As for the high roller guys, they are usually young men with jobs or professions so there is no way that they can sit for hours playing slots as these old retirees can.